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IPROSARUDE New project

Dear Friends,

IPROSARUDE plans to organize 24 cervical cancer care  outreach Services in  Burundi rural areas, We will provide awareness ,free screening and treatment  for women elderly  between 25 and 64 years, This project will support  2400 women .

We are mobilizing an amount of $ 32,600, contributing at least $ 10 to save women’s lives from cervical cancer. For more information, please visit the following link:

September IPROSARUDE Activities

This September  Marked Iprosarude activities across the Country

Kayanza,Muyinga,Kirundo Respectively.

The Aim Was to Teach Youth and their Parents About the Followings,

– HIV/AIDS Prevention

-UN Wanted Pregnancy

-Early Marriages

-Violation and Abortion.

The Main Guest Was Minister of Health,Where he Encouraged Youth to Work hard, Education for All, and Effect of Early Marriages to the Economy of Our Country.

IPROSARUDE Staff Taught Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Reproductive system through Videos and Comedies.

There are were Many youth from different Sectors,Below are images of the Event





The visit to UTAH University was effective on 13/9/2017 as recorded in the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and Dr Jean Pierre of IPROSARUDE.

This visit was marked mainly by the audience at the UTAH University Secretariat with the Director of Global Health; Mr Carlos who is also associated with the University of Utah, accompanied by the General Secretary of the University.The audience was requested and facilitated by Dr. Tom.

The discussions focused on the presentation of IPROSARUDE and its activities that interested that team. This is how we focused our interventions on 3 key themes which IPROSARUDE undertook to highlight given that there were no priorities in those fields. These are mainly dentistry, ophthalmology and oncology.

Independence Day

Independence Day is a public holiday in Burundi.        Independence Day,

1st July every Year Burundian Celebrates the Day of independence

Monday 1st July was a date where all Burundians stood up and celebrated 56 Years of Independence

All Public and Private sector come together for Celebrations

With Happy and Smiling Faces All  Iprosarude Staff Both Mwaro and Gitega came together and celebrates the Independence Day.

The Ceremony held at Military Playground.