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As part of Menyumenyeshe Project, IPROSARUDE in partnership with Care International Burundi conducted mass sensitization activities since 2017 in different provinces of Burundi. For this year of 2019, a second mass sensitization session was conducted in 4 provinces namely: Kirundo, Muyinga, Kayanza and Gitega. In total, 8 communes were concerned by this activity and more than 18 000 persons were sensitized.

Adolescents and young people face many problems, in particular unwanted pregnancies in young girls, early marriages, clandestine abortions, infanticide, dropping out of school, juvenile prostitution, drug addiction, the spread of STIs / HIV / AIDS, sexual abuse perpetrated sometimes by adults on young people, alcoholism etc.

The teaching focused on 4 themes: the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, early marriages, prevention of gender-based violence and the promotion of parent-child communication. After the teaching, questions were asked to the audience and prices were given to the best respondents.

In all, for this year of 2019, more than 44 000 persons were sensitized in 28 communes (20 communes in August 2019 and 8 communes December 2019).

Members of the administration from provincial level to the local level attended these activities in the 8 communes. Parents, youth and adolescents participated as well.

Lesson learned:
The involvement of the administration is a key factor in the success of this activity.
As in all communes, members of the administration were present and have informed the population that a mass sensitization on SRH was going to be conducted. In Makebuko commune, there was a lot of students. They told us that they were already informed by their directors that an activity on SRH was going to be held. After doing their exams, most of the students came to the activity. During the teaching, some students were taking notes so that during the time of questions, they would be able to answer correctly and receive prices.

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